About Us

Hi! We are Robert & Sophie, the adventurous duo behind Wangaratta Personalised Boards, we are the ones who design and create your orders, who answer all your inquires, the couple you will meet along the way and the ones who do a little happy dance when you place your order!

We started our journey by creating sentimental gifts for our friends and family, and soon realised how being gifted something personalised meant so much more... This began the start of our journey in 2015. Since then we have been overwhelmed by the support of all of our customers, we love creating these unique gifts just as much as you love seeing the faces of your loved ones light up when they see how thoughtful your gift is. So a big thank you to you all, for choosing beautiful keepsakes for your loved ones, for supporting local businesses and for sharing your gorgeous ideas with us!

Thank you, 
Sophie & Robert

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